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25 pcs Cookware


cookware set

25 pcs Cookware

Premium cooking pots & Pans

Non-Stick High Quality Cooking Pots with a wide range of Kitchen tools. Convenient and Durable.

Stainless Steel Cookware (5)

What are the 25 pcs?

Set includes:

Anything that you would want in your Kitchen is right here

16cm: milk pot with cover

16cm: soup pot with cover

20cm: soup pot with cover

20cm: steamer grid

20cm: salad bowl with cover

24cm: soup pot with cover

24cm: frying pan with cover

26cm: soup pot with cover

20cm*9cm: Fry Basket With Handle

Kitchen knife: 2pcs

Shovel Spoon Set: 3pcs

Bakelite Mat: 2pcs

Silica gel beads: 2pcs

Designed for performance


This Cookware Set ensures you a Seamless Experience when Cooking for your Family.

It is designed with all your needs in mind.

It maximizes heat absorption with the conductivity surface to ensure your food cooks faster and more evenly.

Stainless Steel Cookware (8)

Elegant ergonomic handles

Easy to grip; Plus, The STAY COOL™ technology ensures they don’t get hot while you’re cooking.

Harraz 25 Pcs descp (5)

Don't buy extra cooking spoons

Cook and Serve for your family without any worries. 3 large Kitchen spoons for all different purposes…

25 pcs Cookware2

You haven't seen lids like these

This Cookware comes with some dashing blue see-through lids which have a Temperature gauge to monitor cooking, and a tiny hole to let out steam.

Your Food will NEVER overcook!

Durable: scratch and fade resistant

Years later, your cookware will still look new. The pots are made of 301 Stainless steel which stands the test of time and maintains its beautiful lustre

Stainless Steel Cookware (3)

Plus, some kitchen tools to help you around

You will be making dinner in no time! These Accessories make you enjoy prepping and cooking.

Frying Basket: Use this for deep frying, steaming, or even washing your fruits and veggies

Mixing Bowl with Plastic Lid

A Pair of Bakelite Mats:

You can use a bakelite mat as a trivet, to save your beautiful table and counters from hot pots and pans.

Quit using towel cloths!

A Pair of Suction Knobs:

The suction knob attaches to the underside of the bowl to allow you the use the bowl as a lid.

And some Cutting Knives too

25 pcs Cookware1

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