Enershower 4T Instant Shower Water Heater

Comes with a Simple Step by Step Installation Manual.

      • Simple and Easy to Install amd Use.
      • Anti-Rust Material.
      • Strong and Long Lasting.

Enjoy Better Shower Times

4 Temperature settings

    • The first is the cold or “OFF” setting. Water will not be heated. 
    • The second setting is a low setting where water will feel slightly warmer than your body temperature.
    • The third setting will produce water temperature between lukewarm/ tepid and hot.
    • The fourth and final setting is the maximum and hottest temperature setting.

Greater efficiency

Larger Spread – Provides much more spaced out water in your bath, leaving you fully Covered.
Easy and Quick Heating Element Change.
Works perfectly well with salty, borehole and even normal water.

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SH. 6,500


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