made in italy

Dessini 23Pcs Non-Stick Cookware

Your Ultimate Cookware for all sorts of Cuisines. Perfect for both large and small households.

Dessini 23 Pcs Italian Non-Stick Cookware7
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made in italy

Stylish Excellence and quality

Made of special-formulated aluminium alloy with advanced die-cast technology, you get cookware that is light-weight and easy in operation.

Eliminate the demerits of iron cookware, which is heavy and liable to corrode and you also eliminate the weakness of drawn iron cookware.

made in italy

Non-Stick, Scratch resistant

Both the external and internal layers of the cookware are sprayed with a ceramic coating, which is sanitary and washable. The coat is international certified, safe, reliable and durable rending a long service life.

Kindly use the wash pad that Comes with it for washing to increase durability.

DO NOT Scratch Vigorousy with steel wire!

made in italy

Food Cooks more Evenly

Owing to fast heat transmission, this cookware can fry, cook and roast foods with little oil or without oil, no oil-carbonizing or sticking, which emulates the traditional idea to cook food with cast cookware and making you and your family more healthy.

made in italy

Perfect glass lids

Safe, transparent, heat-resistant, beautiful and they have a tiny perforation to manage steam while cooking, to streamline your cooking experience!

made in italy

Flip and Cook

You will enjoy using this one!

Cook Literally anything! Chicken, beef, veggies, cheese sandwiches, sweet potatoes, nduma, you name it… Everything turns out great!

The 32 cm double-sided pan with the silicon sealing on the edge and magnetic locking mechanism will create a pressure effect while cooking, locking in the heat and pressure to cook the food more quickly and evenly.

made in italy

Cook and Serve

You won’t need any more tools in your Kitchen!

This Set Comes with the Set of 6 Cooking Spoons and the Stand to hook them on, giving you a classy, elegant feel for your kitchen.

made in italy

What's in the Set?

20 cm Soup Pot1 Pcs
  24 cm Soup Pot1 Pcs
  28 cm Soup Pot 1 Pcs
  28 cm Deep Frying pan 1 Pcs
 16 cm Sauce Pan 1 Pcs
 32 cm Double Grill Pan 1 Pcs
 Cooking Spoon Set 7 Pcs
 Apron 1 Pcs
 Pot Holders(Ear Cap) 2 Pcs
 Wash Pad 1 Pcs

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