10 Pcs Bosch Granite Cookware

The Cookware is just Beautiful! It features vibrant colours that will get your cooking area to a whole other level, matching beautifully with the theme of your kitchen.



  • Longer-lasting non-stick performance
  • Higher quality standards at a better value
  • Superior cooking performance

Variety of Colours

The Set Comes in Multiple Colours : Wine-Red,Black, , Grey, Purple, Brown and Cream-White. 

Ovenproof pots

The pots are ovenproof and dishwasher safe.They can withstand high oven temperatures .


Since It’s Non-Stick, You get to use less oil – this means healthier meals – when you cook with the Bosch Non-stick Cooking Pots, the granite coating does not come out when heated or gently scratched.


Material-Alloyed Aluminium Sheet
Exterior treatment: colored Painting
Interior treatment:ceramic coating

More Features

Ceramic coated cookware made with ECL Ceramic coating inside.
ECL is known for eco-friendly ceramic coating material. ECL is dedicated in promoting simple, healthy and pleasant lifestyle for our customers.

This cookware range has a drilled base perfect for healthy cooking.

The pots are ovenproof and dishwasher safe. Excellent for frying and braising with perfectly shaped heat resistant handles.

With modern design and quality, Ceramic Cookware,your best kitchen partner!


What You're Getting

1 x 20cm Soup Pot
1 x 24cm Soup Pot
1 x 28cm Soup Pot
1 x 32cm Soup Pot
1 x 28cm Shallow Casserole
5 x Lids

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