German Cookware

30 Pcs Stainless Steel Non-Stick Cookware Set

German Cookware

product description

This Amazing set comes with Everything you need for your Kitchen!

30 Pcs German Cookware Includes:

Soup pot with lid 16CM*8CM
Soup pot with lid 20CM*10CM
Soup pot with lid 24CM*14.5CM
Soup pot with lid 26CM*15CM
Small Soup Pot With Long Handle 16CM*8CM
Long Handle Frying Pan 24CM*6.5CM
Mixing Bowl With Plastic Lid 20CM*7CM
Dampfkochtopf(Pressure Cooker) 20CM*9CM
Fry Basket With Handle 1Pcs
Spoons Set 4Pcs
Bakelite Mat 2Pcs
Suction Knob 2Pcs
Kitchen Knife 1Pcs
Chopping Board 1Pcs
Butcher’s Knife(Cleaver) 1Pcs
Pair of Scissors 1Pcs
Peeler 1Pcs
Knife Sharpener 1Pcs


Why this Set?

Premium German Quality - Non-Stick and Durable

With guaranteed durability, Non-stick interior for easy cleaning and cooking: the set has superior scratch resistance and has a totally non-stick interior that provides high performance and a sleek cooking experience.

German Cookware

The lids are just perfect!

See-through glass with a classy bluish colour, Plus all lids are equipped with a Temperature gauge to monitor Temperatures while cooking.
Your Food will NEVER overcook!

German Cookware

Ergonomic Handles

Easy to grip Plus, The STAY COOL™ technology ensures they don’t get hot while you’re cooking.

German Cookware

Superior Cooking Performance

This Cookware Set ensures you a Seamless Experience when Cooking for your Family.

It is designed with all your needs in mind.

It maximizes heat absorption with the conductivity surface to ensure your food cooks faster and more evenly.

German Cookware

Let's Chop things up a bit

Preparing your Ingredients will be easy as pie… With this Set of Cutting tools, Also in the Cookware Set!
A chopping board, Knife, Scissors, Peeler, The Large Cleaver, and a Sharpening Tool
German Cookware

We'll be serving too, right?

You don’t have to buy an extra set of Cooking & Serving Spoons either. They’re already in the Set!

German Cookware

Accessories For Days!

In the same set, you also get this wide range of cooking tools, helping you prepare meals for your family to taste better and in less time!

German Cookware

What are these?

Frying Basket

Use this for deep frying, steaming, or even washing your fruits and veggies

German Cookware

Mixing Bowl With Plastic Lid

German Cookware

A Pair of Bakelite Mats

You can use a bakelite mat as a trivet, to save your beautiful table and counters from hot pots and pans.

Stop using towel cloths!

German Cookware

A pair of Suction knobs

The suction knob attaches to the underside of the bowl to allow you the use the bowl as a lid.

German Cookware




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German Cookware

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