Steps to getting your Delivery

How do we deliver?

Place your Order

There's two ways you can do this: 

  1. Once you've found the product you want, Click on Buy Now and fill out your details.
  2. You call us and give us your details, we'll place the order for you. 
How do we deliver?

Make Payment

  • This depends on your Location. For orders within Nairobi Area, where we do home deliveries, you pay on delivery. You can also pay before delivery if you wish.
  • If you're Outside this region, you have to pay before we ship your goods. Don't worry, there's a return policy if you're not satisfied with the product.
  • Use Our Lipa Na M-Pesa Buy Goods: 973536 to pay the Total fee, Inclusive of delivery
How do we deliver?

The Ball is in Our Court Now😊

  • We call you as soon as you have placed your Order (If it's during working hours🙃)
  • You will tell us when and how you want your product to be delivered. If you're not around Nairobi, you choose which Courier we should use. e.g: G4S, EasyCoach, 2NK, Modern Coast, etc.
How do we deliver?

We're Almost there

  • By Now, we've shipped your goods, or we're in the process of doing so. This happens as soon as you've confirmed everything.
  • If we're Parceling your Order, we'll send you a waybill number or parcel receipt to confirm that your order is in Transit. You'll also use this in the next step
How do we deliver?

Go Pick it up

  • By Now, you've probably already gotten a Notification from your Courier, that your goods have arrived. 
  • Make sure to carry your ID and have the waybill/receipt number we sent you. 
How do we deliver?

Thanks for Shopping with us

  • If you have an issue with the product quality, contact us and we'll help you out on the next steps
  • If you like your product, please spare a few seconds to leave us a review

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