• Automatic USB Rechargeable Water Dispenser

    Get the Best Price for Automatic USB Rechargeable Water Dispenser  at Decor Finity. Fast Same-day Delivery Anywhere in Kenya. Payment on Delivery Countrywide.

    • One button operation, waterproof and easy to use.
    • Being an assembled 304 stainless steel pipe, it is easy to clean, health and safety.
    • Tube plug/hose, we only use the same material with baby nipple silicone.
    • Low dB design provides you with a quiet water entry environment.
    • USB charging, as simple as charging a mobile phone
    • Long endurance, a full charge can be used 30 days, drawing about 5 ~ 8 buckets of water.
    • It fits 4.5L ~ 18.9L standard water bottle with compact size, lightweight, suitable for home, office, school, outdoor etc.

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