4 in 1 Tummy Trimmer Fitness Training kit


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1 High quality Hand Grip for wrist and hand workouts
1 Tummy Trimmer, Pull exerciser: For tummy trimming and belly fat burning.
1 Wooden Handle Skipping Rope For warming up
1 chest pull exerciser
keep fit and keeping ill health away
Firms and tones legs bums and tummy
Impact free motion
Aerobic conditioning as well as strength training
Tightens abdominals‎
Strengthens back muscles ‎.‎
Easy to use and store

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4 in 1 Tummy Trimmer Fitness Training kit with the jump rope, handgrip, and spring action power.

The training set is ideal for both young and old to have as part of their fitness equipment which consists of Ab toner to improve your posture, hand grips, and skipping rope which strengthens your abs and sheds out excess fat for you to have a well streamline body shape.

The exercise set is essential to carry along with you to the gym or you might as well do the exercise at home to get a quick results when you put more effort during your daily or weekend workouts.

If you want an abdominal exercise to contour your tummy then this 4 in 1 Tummy Trimmer Fitness Training kit will tone your abs and help your weight loss goals.‎ In addition,‎ when used regularly as part of your fitness regime it also helps to strengthen and tone your arms,‎ legs,‎ hips,‎ and thighs.‎

Everyone dreams of six-pack abs but often time and body fat is against you ‎‐ this resistance tubing ab trainer will enable you to work out easily anywhere with a minimum of space.‎


It is portable and lightweight so after your you can pack it neatly away.‎ Soft grip handles make this a cool tummy trainer,‎ ideal when you want a funky bit of abdominal exercise equipment for minimum spend.‎

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