six pack care

22 in 1 Full-Body Fitness Machine

Six Pack Care is the complete exercise machine which helps in tightening abdominal and upper muscles while it trains your lower and middle abdomen muscles.

Get a Perfectly toned body

Six Pack Care also targets waistline and obliques so that you can lose weight and get toned body easily. It allows best cellulite reduction exercise so that you can get the perfectly toned body as it dissipates unwanted fat from places like abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs and upper arms.

Experience Comfort while working Out

The bench allows you to rest your head and neck comfortably while the rolls used in this fitness machine give gentle massage to your body.

No worries about room Space

This Machine has been designed to take minimum space while providing maximum productivity while you do rigorous exercise. You can fold it up in seconds when not in use and store it so it doesn’t take up much space

Adjustable Cycle for Cardio

With the Pedal Cycle, you can adjust the length according yo your height and cycle at different intensities depending on the level of your work-outs. You can also remove the Pedal Cycle if you don’t need.

Very Strong Material

The Six Pack care is made of High Strength heavy-duty steel which is very strong and stable, which allows you to have effective work-outs without worrying about bending or breaking. It can Carry up to 200 Kgs

Easy to Assemble

Assembly only takes 5 minutes of your time! Here’s a link to a youtube guide:

Unlimited types of Exercises

You will never run out of ways to exercise. Only 20 Minutes Exercise Daily At Home Or Office & Get Real 6 Pack In A Month. You Can Do 24 Different Exercise Using This Machine



Normal Price: Sh. 12,500/=

OFFER PRICE: Sh. 9,499/=

*Kindly note that we cannot guarantee you this Price after Sunday 5th December 2021 12:00 p.m. Book your delivery before the timer depletes.


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