• 21V Makita Cordless Drill

    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack allows fast full changing within an hour.
    • Easy switch between impact drill, screwdriver, electric drill.
    • Ideal for drilling wood, metal, plastic and all screw drive tasks..
    • The drill will stop working and be protected for the resistance when overloading.
    • Soft rubberized handle gives you comfortable grip feeling and reduces fatigue for most everyday tasks.

    21V Makita Cordless Drill

  • Car Washer with Submersible Pump

    • Made of micro submersible pump as the main body, It perfectly washes away the dirt, grime and deposits from the car without hassle
    • This product is mainly used in many aspects, such as outdoor car wash, watering plants, outdoor washing window
    • Car washing machine is small in size yet powerful with water-saving feature

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